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How the Process Works

Initial Consultation

The first 30 minutes of the initial consultation is free, and can be a telephone conversation or a meeting at a mutually convenient location.  It is your opportunity to describe your organizing projects, your time frame, and ask any questions. If you are then ready to move forward, an assessment visit will be scheduled.

Assessment Visit

An outline will be developed to see where you are with your organizing and where you want to be. Please, don't clean up  for the visit - the only way to help you is to observe how you live and work on a daily basis. A plan will be created for your project, including tasks, cost, and timeframe needed for completion. 

Work Sessions

Work will take place at the site to be organized (2-hour minimum per session). Depending upon the scope of your project(s), the organization may take just a few sessions or several full days. If the documents are portable, some paperwork may be put in order off-site.

Finished Product

Your life organized and simplified!



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